Do You Pick Up A Penny?

I find myself lucky when I find a coin in the street. Not lucky because it has made me any richer, as we all understand the low value of a single cent. But lucky because I understand the value of jumping at the opportunities life throws at us.I am of the philosophy that everywhere you are there is an opportunity to improve yourself and most probably to make money. There are two difficulties: the first one is identifying the opportunity and the second one is acting on it. We are usually less inclined to act on opportunities than identifying, even when acting on them may be a simpler matter than finding them.

As a matter of principle I act on the opportunity of picking up a penny from the street. I acted on an opportunity.

NOTE: Although some people suggest that the possibility of hurting their backs is not worth a penny, I do not believe there is a high risk here. I bend my knees when picking up a penny, and I use it as an opportunity to flex my muscles.

Interesting NOTE: Personal Finance Advice makes a list of the best 10 places to find money when walking. I have found that places where homeless people stand are great. Sometimes they discard the pennies.

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