Anes & Rincon : First Year LLC Anniversary

Birthday Cake Today is the first anniversary of Anes & Rincon LLC. It has been a very exciting year that started with a call from an overseas partner requesting some help and me having to start a corporation overnight.

We have had tremendous success last year. We have big hopes for 2008, albeit so far business has not been as good this year as it was last one.

Has been a lot more work than I anticipated. Has been a lot more difficult. It has not provided much more money than the salary I was used to yet. But if someone asked me if I would do it all over again I would reply with a very emphatical yes!
It has been very worth it. The things I have learned are not taught at school (maybe in a Harvard MBA, but certainly not at my school).

Anyone with the opportunity to start his or her own company should do so, even if he or she does it for a few years only. It is a mind changing experience where you stop thinking as an employee and start thinking as a business man (or woman). You start seeing yourself as an active mover and decision maker in the world economy. You gain a lot more responsibilities, and a lot more risk. Hopefully the economy rewards you for your effort.